Who Are You Riding With?

I hate seeing car accidents. Whenever I think one is about to happen, my eyes usually get big, I put my hands on my head, and yell “eek!”

Thankfully, 99.9% of those accidents never happen. I wish that same statistic applied to people that I’ve encountered. Some of us may take a detour, but we’ll get back on the right track, while others get lost and never find their way back.

I hate it. I wish I could put up signs telling people to turn around or stop and call someone for help. I’m just one person, I barely saved myself, nevermind saving the world.

Sometimes roads aren’t easy to travel. We have the wrong people riding with us, influencing unhealthy choices, or too busy worried about the cars in other lanes instead of our own.

Having been in these situations, I can tell you what helped me. As they say, you are the average of the five people you hang out with the most. Hanging with the wrong crowd led to me being in the other situations.

Hanging with people that had no interest in becoming better people is akin to driving in a never ending rotary where you’re moving, just not heading anywhere. Because these people were influencing me to do things like drink until dawn and other crazy choices, it affected my life where I was in that car accident and things had to change or I'd be dead.

With the prominence of social media, the idea that we have to post everything that we’re doing is addictive. It’s a narcissistic, egomaniacal mistake that we’re doing this to keep up or compare our lives with others. When you’re too busy focused on the other cars, you forget to enjoy the ride that you’re on.

Nowadays, my car is empty, my mind and spirit full of positivity, and when I pull over to get out, I won’t be escaping from an upcoming accident, but admiring the view of wherever I’m heading.