No Such Thing as Stupid Questions, Just Stupid...

While the line used to make sense, it’s wrong in every way. Every question has a purpose for that person, whether we think it’s stupid or not. It takes courage to ask a question that you know might not be the smartest one, but you ask because it gives you the knowledge to grow or to fulfill a desire.

We go through life afraid of asking because we're embarrassed by the nature of it, we don’t want to look stupid, or are afraid of hearing the word no. On the flip side, we're afraid to say no to people's questions or give them the answer they don't want to hear because of the confrontation that could ensue. So how do you get defeat this mindset? Start by asking for the most ridiculous things possible so you'll encounter rejection, once that happens, you'll learn how to cope and work with it, turning rejection into answers and fulfillment.

The old adage, "ask and you shall receive" is truer than ever today. Technology allows for it because any question can be Googled, but we have many choices that if, for instance, one store can’t satisfy our wants, then surely another will, which makes it more imperative than ever to ask!

It’s ok to be vulnerable when you’re in the process of growing. Asking for something doesn’t make you less than, in fact, it makes you more of because it fosters self-confidence, it helps you find ways around rejection, and in the end, maybe you'll have all the answers.