Living With an Anchor

Would you share your life with a person that constantly complained to you, had a negative outlook on life, or never appreciated the blessings they had? I think we know what your answer is. The point of the question is that millions of people share their life with a friend or significant partner that is a constant drain on their life, acting as a vampire on the good energy that have to convey to the world.

I’m discussing this because of a great friend that I have currently in this situation. She works her tail off, supporting the husband and baby, bought them a large house in the suburbs, luxurious cars, and even allowed the husband to be a Mr. Mom since she is the breadwinner. The husband returns the favor by lacking any gratitude for what she provides, constantly bickers at my friend through texts, compares their lives to other couples, makes her feel bad for enjoying a social night out, the list goes on.

I talk to my friend about the abuse she takes, and she acknowledges that it’s getting more difficult to be around her husband and when she is around him, she’s just as miserable as he is.  I always ask her if she’s insane, meaning that you’ve tried numerous times to change the situation to no avail so why do you keep living in this misery when nothing is going to change? First, a house was supposed to make him happy, then a pool, or a new car, then a baby, but nothing. But maybe another baby will help!

My father went through a similar situation, in which he could not change his situation, no matter how hard he tried, and it ultimately ended via a tragedy. I speak to many people that are in relationships that are in the beginning of this cycle, middle, or at the end of their rope. My advice is simple; unless you’ve spoken directly to God and he stated that we get a do over after this life on Earth then why the hell are you wasting your time and life on someone that isn’t worth it?

What causes people to live this way? I think it’s that they’re afraid of the unknown and although their miserable, they’re comfortable with what they know and aren’t willing to shake things up, which is a sin. It’s also tough for people to step outside of themselves and take a look at the situation objectively, they would rather be in denial than admit that they’re in a dysfunctional relationship, the ego works in mysterious ways.

What are we to do if we’re caught on the receiving end of a rant from one of our friends in this type of relationship? Tell them that there is 8 billion people on Earth and life is too short to share with misery.