"Just Shut Up and Listen"

"Sorry, I didn't mean to come off so rude, but please let me talk and stop giving me an answer to everything."

I try my best to do more listening over talking because listening allows us to learn while talking doesn’t, plus I usually get yelled at for my opinions.

My friend was having a tough day and decided to call me to vent. She was running through her list of issues and after a couple of them, I decided to give her my two cents as to what I thought her best way forward was.

That's when the shut up line came out and then I listened for the remainder of the conversation.

I understood why she said it. Sometimes, we need to vent out our frustrations to someone who will sit and listen, acting like a trash can (sorry for the analogy, it was either that or sponge) that will take the negative emotions we have and dispose of them for us, so we become emotionally free. She knew what the answers to the problems were and didn't need to hear them; she just needed a mental cleansing.

When we support someone through the act of listening, we’re able to absorb the situation and allow our friend to become vulnerable without fear of repercussions. No one likes to be talked at, there’s a likeness to judging when we give our two cents to people about their situation, especially when our opinion isn’t asked for.

People need to figure their situations out on their terms, what works for me might not work for you. Sit back, hear your friend out, be able to feel their experience and when trouble finds you, you’ll have a better understanding of it and see that you have someone waiting to listen to your side of things.