Make the Right Investments

“If I need to raise $250 million, I could do it in a day or two.”
“That’s crazy, how could you do that?”
“When you bring something to the table, people will want to give you something in return.”

My friend is in commercial real estate and based on our above conversation, it's an exciting time. His company is always wheeling and dealing to secure funds to buy and sell large buildings, and hearing him talk about it, you eat it up.

When he was discussing a deal that he was making, I was inquisitive about how it’s possible to raise $250 million in the matter of a day, like it was $250.

He said that the money is never the issue. When you have a solid reputation; trustworthy and transparent, then giving investors something (interest/ownership/etc) for their money, then anyone will give it to you. Lack any of those qualities then raising money becomes difficult.

It makes for better business relationships, but also personal ones; the difference being that what we share between each other isn’t money.

Our lives become richer when we invest ourselves with people that give back. Think of the love, kindness, friendship, anything positive as "interest" to the relationship and when people see that you have those qualities to offer them, making them richer, then they are more apt to give you a part of themselves.

There is a bit of caution when involving yourself with others; in order to give fully, you need to receive as well. I try to surround myself with people that I can feed off their energy. When you’re around positivity, you’ll feel that way more often than not. The thought of a good friend and you can feel the effects of their spirit and the kind words of your relationship.

I’ve supported many people who continuously took without giving and it wore me out. It taught me to be careful to who I give myself to in the long term because you can’t be surrounded by vampires sucking the life out of you, ending up emotionally broke.

While I won’t be raising $250 million anytime soon, the value of who I surround myself with is worth much more.

Imagine the interest.