When Things Don't Go Our Way...

When things don't go our way, we tend to get bitter sometimes. I don't blame anyone for this, as life flows much easier when a plan comes together and it allows us to progress with minimal effort and keeps us in a great mood.

I recently had a day where everything went wrong and I began to lose patience with the process and myself. When we have negative reactions to situations that we can't control, it brings out deep feelings that we're not releasing. The problems I encountered were business related so my anger stemmed from a fear of falling back to a place I once was and that I wasn't going to reach my goals. I obviously overreacted, but that's a genuine fear that I carry with me and working on to let go of.

We spend our adult lives working on becoming a better person than yesterday so for anything that will try and pull us off course will be met with resistance. It’s difficult to work through because wanting the best for ourselves brings about a fight or flight mentality against obstacles, which is ingrained in our DNA since the Stone Age.

If things are taking time, it's because there is a reason for it, whether it’s our bodies telling us to slow down after intense days or if a deal isn’t closed within a day or two. Let it percolate and work its way out. All good things come in due time.