Keeping At It

I’m riding the train right now, it’s pouring out. I’m letting the dreariness of the weather to enter my mind. I try to fight it with a couple coffees and some words, but I feel like I’m getting nowhere.

It’s been a tough go lately on trying to write something meaningful. I have different topics and experiences over the last few weeks, but after writing a few hundred words, I’m looking at a message-less screen. So I save it then click the X to look at it for another day.

We may go days, even weeks without that spark that gets us going. When it happens to me, I try to keep at it. I’ll write and while I’m not happy with what I create, it’s better to keep in motion then not. When you’re not moving, you’re dying.

If you don't move around, your muscles deteriorate. When you keep at it, you build those muscles and become stronger. My creativity and desire "muscles" shrink if I stop writing and it worsens, to the point where I want to quit because why write if nothing good is coming out.

When this happens, I'll take a step back and think about why I decided to do it in the first place. Maybe I expect too much from a blog that serves as an outlet of my experiences. This should be easy and fun, a place to connect with people, not "change the world" writing, I forgot that.

While we face bumps in the road that slow our progress, as long as we continue going forward, it’s going to smooth out for us and we’ll be able to get to the places we want to be faster than before.

I ran into an acquaintance last week and he thanked me for writing, saying that he goes through similar stuff so it’s comforting to know he isn’t alone when dealing with life’s troubles.

The appreciation and connection is a reminder to why I do this. It may not be much, but it makes my desire to write and help people stronger, building that muscle.

I thanked him for telling me that and before moving onto other topics, he ended it with:

"Make sure you keep it going."