Put the Past Away…

I’m in a café this morning and the Third Eye Blind song, Jumper, comes on the radio. I wasn’t thinking much of it until the chorus caught my attention; “I wish you would step off from that ledge my friend.” Prior to the chorus, he begs for his friend to “put the past away”, after discussing that although his actions led him to the ledge, it doesn’t ultimately define who he/she is.

Our present is determined by the actions we’ve made up to this moment, but our futures are not. Sounds confusing, but we can decide to change the projection of our lives by deciding right now which way we want to take it and it has nothing to do with the decisions we’ve made in our past. How we change our lives is to put the past away. Yes, your life/reputation could be in shambles because of your past, but making better decisions in the present will take you to a brighter future that isn’t dictated by your prior behavior.

So step off that ledge, things are difficult right now, but yesterday’s weather doesn’t dictate today’s. Whatever has you discouraged, remember that the page has turned and it’s up to you to write a new chapter.