Virtual isn't Reality

It's Friday night so I've decided to stay in and relax. If I want to see what my friends are up to, I can open Snapchat on my phone and see them having dinner at a restaurant or open Instagram to see pictures of others having fun at a bar.

Today’s technology has brought us a finger tap away from seeing our friends and families anytime we want, but has it brought us closer though? 80% of my communication is done through writing texts to people, as opposed to calling or visiting them. Where’s the substance?

A friend that also stayed in decides to FaceTime me and while it’s welcoming to see and talk to her, it doesn't compare to being present for real thing; the touch, the sights, the words, everything that is there for the soul to experience.

I understand the excitement for the future in tech, such as virtual reality, but why are we in a rush to live life in a virtual sense instead of living it in actuality (The accompanying picture scares the crap out of me).

We should use these virtual experiences as a means to illicit ideas for our next adventure instead of as a replacement. I want to feel the warm water, taste the wine, laugh with friends, feel my stomach jump as I snowboard down a mountain.

You can only live life through a screen for so long until your instincts take over.

So get out there; feel it, live it, and be one with it.