Win By Being You

I got off the train on Tuesday, on my way to a meeting with a potential client and was in a very serious mood. Walked out with my game face on and then I received this message…

“You should smile more when you arrive in Boston.”

I immediately let down my guard and flashed a smile, even cracking up with laughter.

“Tell me you can see me right now?”
“No, but I was on the other train and saw that famous scowl.”

I was confused with what I had to say, what to do, where to go. A message from an old friend was divine intervention, as she was always good at keeping me grounded. With her reminder, I was back at square one, realizing that this was going to be fun, not some life or death meeting.

Sometimes I put too much pressure into situations that I feel will bring some type of value into my life, whether it's a date or a business meeting. It's tough to keep grounded when I'm pressuring myself on being the best version of me, almost like a superhero, trying to save myself from myself.

I forget that we’re supposed to enjoy the journey whether it’s work or play and that everything will always work out in the end.

We enter situations that demand our attention, but it shouldn’t demand that we put aside our identity. Remember the people across from the table are humans too; they like to have fun, laugh, been in trouble, so don’t put them on a pedestal above you because you’re trying to gain something, that’s when you’ll lose.

The situations are only moments in time, they happen, it’s over, then your anxieties subside. I'd look back and wonder why did I become different. If you have to change you're personality to win over anything; a job, deal, partner, etc, then it isn't worth it.

After the text exchange, I took a deep breath and went on my way to the meeting. My game face was now a cheshire cat grin and my muscles relaxed.

Then I met a couple amazing people that were very intelligent in their field of work. It was a great discussion, but importantly because of the laughter and the easiness of our moods. I was me, take it or leave it.

And they took it.