My Quest to Save the World

“Why were you so nice to that person?”

A guy excused himself to reach over and grab a napkin off the bar, I apologized, passed him a stack of them, and offered to help if he needed more. My friend was confused that I went out of my way to be helpful.

“Well I could’ve ignored him and let him struggle, but helping him made his night better. Then maybe he’ll remember what I did and do something nice for another stranger”

It was a simple act that I don’t think twice about, but was surprised by my friend’s reaction. I told her that it’s the little acts that set the foundation for something bigger. Vibes are contagious, it’s much better to spread good ones instead of the negative ones.

They say nice guys finish last, but I dare you to try the alternative. Arrogant, manipulative, and selfish got me to a lot of places in life, but when I looked back, there were a lot of burned bridges. People that I couldn’t reach out to when things eventually went south, strangers could feel the chill I'd give off when meeting me.

People always remember the bad, the pain. They may forgive, but never forget. They know who will help them instead of who suck them of their energy.

I could continue to take advantage of people, but who would want to do me a favor if I needed it? Overcharge people for business, but they’ll never come back. You get the point.

It took a while, but I started with little things, like the napkin situations, and grew from there. I surrounded myself with people that held me to a higher standard, which made me hold myself to the same standards.

My character mattered, the impression I left upon people mattered, I realized that more people are out there to help you than not. The good that you put out there journeys across the world then comes back to you.

When you encounter people with those negative attitudes, killing them with kindness is the ultimate weapon. I know it takes a lot to hold back from taking them down a couple notches, but it's never worth stooping to their level. The negativity ends with you because the world has enough anger and indifference going around, why add to it?

So when someone asks, why are you so nice to people? Tell them you’re saving the world one person at a time.