Having Imperfect Expectations

An excerpt from my upcoming book; Imperfect Expectations:

The search for perfection out of life is an impossible task. It’s
proven through our actions and the expectations we give to people.
An instant of perfection might be achievable, but your hopes don’t
erase the imperfect acts of the past nor the ones you’ll commit
in the future. This fact isn’t tragic, it’s the evolution of life;
it’s learning through our mistakes that we become less imperfect.

We find fault when meeting people because they don’t fulfill our
expectations of what we want them to be. We’d focus on their
imperfections rather than the complete self, not appreciating
what is being revealed to us.

When we momentarily find the perfect person while we’re falling
in love, their impression blinds us from the truth, thus setting up
disappointment when they act less than what we expect of them.

Our life experiences allow us to understand life’s imperfections;
our expectations freer since we’re not interested in being flawless,
we’re empathetic towards the people and situations we encounter,
not focused on what is lacking. We learn to enjoy what life gives
to us in its inherit beauty, never taking the world around us for