Writer's Block?

I’m sitting here this morning wondering what I’m going to write about. Actually, I’ve been sitting here for a month wondering what I’m going to write about. I have a list of about twenty topics that I want to discuss, ranging from “avoiding the peanut gallery” to “how ridiculous people’s perception of being liked is”, but when it comes time for the words to pour out, nothing.

This doesn’t just happen to me. It’s happened to many famous writers and I think we’re trying too hard to come up with something enlightening or life changing, not that I’m a famous writer or anything. I step up to the keyboard with what I think is a decent outline of a topic, but when it’s on the screen, it doesn’t look right, sort of like right now. Maybe I should be less cognizant of what I’m writing and let the words fall out and click publish, no pressure.

I’ve been stuck at home due to knee surgery so I caught up on some podcasts and one of them was James Altucher’s, which he had Seth Godin on. Seth is an entrepreneur, marketer, author, amongst other things. I’ve never heard or read anyone speak such wisdom in few words in today’s world. He is the basis for helping me get off my ass today and write a little something.

In James’ podcast, he discusses having a blog, but how it takes writing every day to become successful at it, in terms of building an audience, content, etc. We all know writing every day is difficult, especially if you have other obligations (job, kids, etc), and he acknowledges that along with encountering writer’s block and how the frustration only deepens it. His remedy is incredible yet simplistic. Instead of thinking of topics to write about, write about topics you talk about. No one experiences talker’s block, although we wish some people did, so every day Seth posts to his blog (sethgodin.typepad.com) insightful material that is being discussed.

If we keep the topic relevant and the discussion vibrant, then the writing will be done for us. This means I should have five blogs a day up! Just kidding.