The WSJ Magazine’s guest columnists’ topic this month is “ambition”. Below is the link and my thoughts on the guests' response and what it means to have ambition.

The common theme amongst the columnists, Mario Batali and Ivanka Trump being the most well-known, is that ambition is something that can be harvested and ignited throughout different stages of life and it’s more fulfilling when the ambition can be shared with others, whether it’s with your gender, your co-workers, or through art. I agree with those sentiments and believe when ambition is done for the most selfish of reasons, then it can turn into something harmful, such as greed.

Ambition is something we all have, but are sometimes are afraid to use. When we are ambitious, it means there is a vast world waiting for us to encounter and those encounters lead to another world and so on and so forth, so when we jump down the rabbit hole, our routes become infinite. That’s very hard for the mind to wrap itself around, the journey to success begins with a single step and sometimes it’s easier to never begin than to start.

It’s hard to keep that ambition flowing constantly, there are going to be days when we feel like being in bed all day and that’s ok, but you can’t let that pause become habit, which it can easily. Wake up every day and reflect on what you’re working towards and the good it’s going to bring to yourself and those around you.