What It Means to be Rich

Being rich is something that every person dreams of. It's viewed as an access to freedom, which I wrote about prior. Others wish for it to quench their desires. The World Bank published a report that states 80% of the world lives on less than $10 a day. If that’s the case, then living in the US makes us part of the 1% richest people in the world, so we have zero excuse for crying poverty when there are BILLIONS out there with less than us. (thank you Tony Robbins for pointing that out).

I want to discuss being rich, not in the money sense, in terms of valuables that one cannot see, but you can feel within your soul. The fulfillment of serving others that are in need. It’s an action that leaves you with a sense of gratitude for what we have, who we have, and that we’re blessed enough to share our time to help others. It’s feeling is one that you’ll carry the rest of your life. It’s an energy you can draw on. It isn’t served by instant gratification or a cheap desire that money could buy. It promises hope to those being served, that they aren’t alone in this world. Money can provide the shelter to sleep, food to eat, and blanket for warmth, but not the loved felt.

We see the ultra rich older man, with their 20-something girlfriend. Question, if they lacked the millions, would they have that “real” love with the younger woman? Of course not. The lesson is who would be true to you. Money brings a lot of good, but also bad. It changes people’s perception of what is real. As a younger man, I made a ton of money and fell victim to that mindset. Yes, I had instant gratification of girls, getting high, etc, but in the end, the “fun” disappeared along with the money. And I found out who was a true friend and felt horrible for how I treated people. Now, I’m the richest person in the world. I consider the love I receive from family, friends, and strangers as my currency. I have the mind to write dozens of ideas per day that will help the world. I’m blessed to have opportunities that other people to have access to. My health is my wealth. Most of all, my heart is my gold.