I generally read the Wall Street Journal and every month they have a magazine that comes out, discussing art, culture, and whatever the questions of the day are. They have a segment in which they ask six accomplished people to reflect on a general term and it's fascinating to see each respective response, which is always skewed based on the generational gap or what they may have as an occupation. Below is the link of this month's topic, where people like World Cup hero Tim Howard and current socialite/model Kendall Jenner espouse upon what "youth" means to them;

Here are my thoughts on "youth":

Youth is a term that I've struggled with dearly. Growing up as a child of alcoholism, I was forced to grow up at a very early age and learn to take care of myself. I never really enjoyed being a careless kid because god forbid my dad was attacked by his drunk girlfriend so I was there on high alert to keep the peace. Fast forward to today, I think we put too much stigma on growing up and having our shit figured out by such a young age. Life is serious enough for most people and I think that's an issue. Looking back on my route to 30, I've wanted to become hundreds of different people, wanted a dozen different jobs, and lived in enough apartments. If I was patient and didn't settle down at such a young age, learned to fuck up and take it as a learning lesson and not the end of the world, then my maturation process would have been less stressful (plus starting therapy at a younger age would've helped). My advice to kids in college or in their early 20's; keep a good heart and enjoy your youth, there's always time to grow up.