Start Small to Make It a Big Year

As we end another year and head into the promise of a new one, it’s a great time to reflect on where we’ve been.

Looking back, my 2015 resolutions involved improving my self-esteem and taking on fears. I think I did a good job; I learned to not beat myself up for making mistakes, flew a few times (fear of flying) and moved from my hometown.

Did you have realistic ideas heading into 2015 that you could accomplish? As we know, most people make foolish resolutions to improve in an impossible capacity, which leads them to failure within the first month of the new year.

“I’m going to run a marathon! Although I never ran a day in my life.”
“New year, new me; no more junk food!”

Forget about these grand plans that will only lead you to disappointment and start small in 2016. People make resolutions to transform the outside on their bodies, but completely neglect what matters; your mind and spirit. The real beauty of working within is that it’ll translate to the outside and will radiate to the world around you.

Work on small habits that will turn into a routine and will translate into a rewarding lifestyle. Wake up every day with an "attitude of gratitude", a mindset of believing in yourself, removing regret for the past and worry for the future, and know that great things are waiting for you.

The universe reminds us to practice these habits every day, I’ve watched the miracles of loved ones having children and suffered the pain of losing people that meant the world to me. The fact that we woke up this morning to celebrate another day of being on this Earth is a blessing, be thankful for it.

Here are some small resolutions that I practice to build upon the foundations of gratitude, self belief, and being present:

- Take responsibility for what my life is. Instead of blaming people or things outside my control, I removed those negative influences from my life. Amazing how easy life is with fewer distractions in it.

- When I was unhealthy, I started with a 10 minute walk every day then increased the intensity, before I knew it, I was back doing 5Ks.

- I would start a complex diet, which I would resent then quit. Instead I ate less, substituted easy things such as water with lemon for my sweet tooth, then I lost 15 pounds. Starting these intense diets after years of eating what you want is a recipe for failure.

- Communication. Whenever I feel like a relationship is in trouble, I'll talk about it to get on the same page, whether it's business or family/friends. Don't be afraid of differences, respect them. As I wrote before, I learned to shut up and listen instead of talking over people and always being right.

- Feeling stuck. I knew writing was a passion, so I decided to do it more. It was fulfilling and it eventually became what you're reading now. Finding a passion will give you hope towards self-discovery, where you’re happiness is based on what you love.

This was a year of ups and downs for most of us, but know that we’re still standing because of our strength and no one can take that away from us.

I wish you all the best for 2016, it will be a wonderful year because we’re all a part of it.