How Will You Find "The One"?

It’s a different world for us single people than it was prior to the digital revolution. With so many options at our disposal, if can’t find what we want, then in a few taps and swipes we will.

What about some of us that are old school in our dating ways? We’re screwed.

I’m kidding, we’re not screwed, it’s that we need to adapt because the old methods of meeting people are changing. Less bars and more digital and different social settings, like volunteering or hobby meetups.

Older friends see the current dating environment and they think it’s incredible. Why bother to settle down when there are plenty of fish in the sea that you can find on Plenty of Fish?

I was a bit intimidated, maybe it’s the vast amount of options. I mean, if I’m going to date every girl I meet on an app, then I’m going to be a very poor man plus it's too much to keep up with.

It’s changed the dynamics between men and women too. My beautiful and smart friend was lamenting that it’s been tough to find a good guy because they don’t put in the work anymore.

I felt her sentiment, but it’s not easy for guys either. Women are a guessing game; like guys, they may want to settle, but there’s no rush to.

I think much of it stems from not knowing what you want. The more you date, the more you learn about what you want, so when a great person, like myself 😉, is in front of you, you may take advantage.

But if you’re unsure, it's ok to be conflicted because you can learn more about them and keep an eye open for someone better out there. I get it, I've been there as well.

What happens if you do meet the right person? I’ll tell friends to play it cool; give it a couple days to reach out, be curious, but don’t show too much interest, drag out the process for as long as you can until one gives up and throws their feelings in the ring.

My friend's response; “Let’s break it down to the brass tacks. I don’t play the game, I put my cards out there and that’s it. So now I have to change my game and it’s back to the dog chasing the cat.” She wasn't impressed with my advice to say the least.

That’s the world around us, it sucks, but you got to let go of your reluctance and dive in. If you’re lucky like me, you’ll meet a nice girl (or guy), who shares the same dating mentality, through an app of course.