Make the Best Out of the Worst

Nothing was ever good enough for him. His staff never got his coffee right. At home, she didn’t clean the dishes the way he wanted them done. Friends weren’t going to the best clubs to be seen at.

Slowly his friends backed off, always saying they were busy. “When I ask doing what, they never have an answer; stuff. I’m so much better than stuff. Whatever.” His staff stopped asking if he needed coffee; “It’s like everyone goes out to breakfast and I’m left hanging.” Blaming others without understanding they worked hard for his affection and never received it.

We’ve been in situations where we find our boss, friends or significant other is not the person we thought they were. Certain words or actions bring about the moment of clarity where you realize, “I gotta get out of this.”

It’s tough trying to maintain an effort when there’s dysfunction within relationships; it’s almost like they don’t want to receive what you offer, or that they’re too good for the support you’re providing.

Complaining will only make it worse, plus not many of us have the guts to leave because we’re afraid of the unknown or dependent on the other person or the paycheck so we’ll put up with the nonsense, until something better comes along, we hope.

It doesn’t need to be this way. It is a matter of perception, if we wake up every morning dreading the day ahead, then we’re going to have a bad day. We must look at our situations as opportunities to better ourselves; that we’re preparing for a better future from how we deal with unhealthy situations or people.

The only way out of a bad situation is becoming the best “you”, then the world opens up; people will see how you treat others, but also how you treat yourself, knowing your worth.

If you’re going to be “stuck” with a bad boss for eight hours a day, take advantage of the resources that the company offers. Whether it’s a gym, a co-worker or two that you can join a project with, or even the cafeteria; use it as a means to get be detached from the situation, but be sure that you bring value to the boss because higher people in the company and co-workers will notice it, which will open up opportunities to you to go elsewhere within or outside.

To meet new friends with like interests, join meetups in your area. Coming into a new place without friends, I’ve been attending meetups over the last couple months and besides fulfilling my interests, I’ve met some amazing people that have been through the same situations; trust me, you’re not alone.

As for dating, there are so many options now that you can find someone who will love you for what you bring to the table. There’s shouldn't be fear of being alone for a long time now due to the popularity of online dating websites, dating services that connect similar minded people, and even phone apps that provide a connection, as long as that’s what you’re looking for.

There's no reason, in today’s wide open world, to suffer being with someone or in a situation where your efforts of love and respect isn’t appreciated or reciprocated.