When the Time Comes for Changing

“I don’t want to sound awful, but I really can’t hang out with them anymore.”

How many of us have felt this way? One day we’re running alongside friends doing our usual antics then the next we’ve realized that it’s time to find something more fulfilling to do. My friend who just hit her 30th birthday relayed that message to me this morning.

I wouldn’t say that it’s an overnight change that happens, but slowly we become bored with doing the same activities that got us to where we are, call it human evolution. When there is a stop in our life's progression then of course you’re going to get bothered, well at least I hope you do.

How do you cope with the change? It’s a confusing and difficult process; looking at yourself to determine where you want to go or what your passion is. I’ve been through the change many times and you feel like you don’t know the person in the mirror.

How can I love doing this one minute then hate it the next? I would force myself to continue to like those activities that once made me happy and when I would walk away discontented, I realized it was time to stop torturing myself and let go.

My solution is to throw myself into anything; meetups, classes, different activities, books, whatever, and see what I came away with. Usually you’ll meet like-minded people and gain access to a new community where you can dig deeper in finding happiness through a new passion.

It's easier said than done; who wants to find new friends, new activities, which will force us to be vulnerable to a bunch of unknowns? Once you get comfortable with the idea and action, then you'll be fine.

I think the bigger problems arise when dealing with your friends or family. You don’t want to come off as disinterested in what they’re doing because you love them and although your tastes may differ, it doesn’t mean you should reject them from your life.

There is a happy medium to find, instead of doing stuff that won’t make you happy, find an activity that you both still share that will. When it comes time for the unfulfilling stuff, make your break, and go enjoy.