We’ve all been there before. Palms are sweaty, the world is closing in on us, our mind is racing; “Ahh, what am I gonna do?!?”
It's not easy being in a desperate situation and not knowing how to escape.

When I’ve been in those moments, it was because of my own actions. It would begin with doing something careless and then snowballing into a tangled web, which forced me to rely on things outside of my control. When that happens, you can forget about your sanity.

So we plan an escape, making up far-fetched scenarios that will make us believe there’s a way out. When those fantasies don’t come to pass, then we’ll lash out, blaming everyone else for our misfortune, except ourselves.

How do we save ourselves from desperation? It’s in our actions. To be desperate means that we’re not taking care of ourselves in some facet of life; whether it’s financially, physically, etc.

Every choice has a consequence, good or bad. If you’re borrowing money to live, yet still living the high life, then you need to change that; get a job (or two) and live within your means. If your blood pressure is sky high, but you’re a couch potato, start by taking a walk and go from there.

We don’t realize our mistakes until we've exhausted every person we can borrow from or we have a heart attack at 45. Only you can change yourself for the better, no one else can do it for you.

If you find yourself desperate, take a deep breath (seriously), stop blaming everyone else and accept responsibility for the situation. Reflect on what actions got you there and what you need to change going forward.

Step outside of the situation and ask how bad it is. Life or death is one thing, but not being able to pay the bills is something that can worked out once you become disciplined.

There’s always a way out of the storm, but it starts with you. Are you willing to make the necessary changes to stop living in panic mode and start enjoying life because of your decisions?